Center for Global Art

Many times, knowing more about the "human" behind the art makes the art even more exhilarating and intriguing!

  Cierra G. Rowe
I am a self taught painter, born and raised in rural Kentucky. My interest in art first developed when I was a young girl and then matured, with me, into adolescence. Due to harmful behaviors, I embraced painting and used it to help me make sense of what was happening and express how I felt. Eventually art became somewhat of a cure-all for me: canvases gave me a clean slate and paint gave me control. There are so many reasons why I paint. I almost wouldn't know where to begin.
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I am a long-time photographer, video editor. I got into cryptoart about a year and a half ago. Cryptoart gave me a space to share my long private works with a community. I am personally enamored with dreams and the unconscious expression which happens in them. I make art to express my experiences and perspectives on what I observe. Good, bad, fun, serious, deep or just because. My art is part of me, each one.
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  Leona Brown
Having led courses internationally in the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Greece, Italy, France and Spain. In 1998 I lived & painted in China for a year as well as later teaching in the River East School Division - Winnipeg, Canada for six years prior to moving to Montréal, Québec. All of these experiences have been major contributors to my art.
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  Helen Bird
Having spent nearly 30 years as a registered nurse, I am a late comer to the field of art! I grew up in Europe immersed in history and art galleries, so I have always had an eye for the aesthetic beauty of say architecture, a painting or sculpture. I consider myself very lucky in that respect. My parents loved to take me to museums, and they were both avid photographers.
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