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Tell us about yourself.
I am a long-time photographer, video editor. I got into cryptoart about a year and a half ago. Cryptoart gave me a space to share my long private works with a community. I am personally enamored with dreams and the unconscious expression which happens in them. I make art to express my experiences and perspectives on what I observe. Good, bad, fun, serious, deep or just because. My art is part of me, each one.

What is your artistic style?
I am somewhat of a mishmash artistically. I am not classically trained, I simply make what is on my mind at the time. Usually an emotion sparks an idea and then I explore that idea until the chaos of creation comes to synthesized expression. My work is far from perfection, that is intentional. You will notice bits and pieces which might not be just right, the imperfections are an expression of my view on the world. I have never seen a perfect reality and thus I make glitchy stuff that is in line with an imperfect world I observe.

Where or who does your inspiration come from?
As I said much of my work comes from personal experience. Some of my most personal pieces are expressions of a dark period in my life. Losing relationships with my dad and mom over decisions I made they did not agree with. Even as a grown man it cut me deep as I worked through this the opportunity to work through it in some of my work was deeply therapeutic and helpful. Art became more and more an avenue to express emotion, share an experience to engage with the thought in a way which dug deeper into the soul. My inspiration... it comes from my life and art is a way to share that experience with those who see it.

Sunrise on knownorigin

Describe your artistic approach or creative process.
Since I was young, I have been interested in photography. I remember buying my first disposable camera and was so excited to see what I had captured once it developed. My interest grew over time, but I also began to get interested in less mainstream photography styles, I loved messing with the photos to create weird and unusual looks. This interest was not received by those around me, so it began to be more a private exploration of a glitchy and grungy photography. Over time I began to do some video editing and graphic design for jobs. I got decent at both but increasingly did not enjoy it as it was always making something for someone else's design and visual tastes. I did not have an outlet for the creative ideas, the stories I wanted to convey. Then cryptoart came along and that all changed.

Are you trying to communicate with your art?
Imperfection is beautiful. I want people to see that all the pieces and parts of life make up something beautiful. Something truly unique to us, because it is a story only we have experienced and thus only we can tell.

A Blurred Reflection on SuperRare

Should art have a 'point' or 'purpose'?
I think art should have a story or emotion which it conveys. That story or emotion can and should have very wide ranges.

What are you currently working on?
I have been exploring the addition of sound and music to my works. I have one piece currently which I am very excited about but it currently sits at over 600mb and every way in which I try to compress it I lose some color definition. So it may be a WIP for a VERY long time as I wait for size limitations to change. It's one of the most beautiful and hypnotic pieces I have ever done, one where I feel you can truly get lost in the moment. I feel the color definitions are an important part of this piece, so it sits waiting for the opportunity to be shared.

What is your favorite piece?
I have a few, but one that I always come back to is called "Scattered Frames" it's on SuperRare.

Scattered Frames on SuperRare

This piece is the epitome of the heart behind much of my work. The pieces and parts of life can feel disconnected, disjointed even it we only look at one part. But when we stand back then each frame can come together to make a beautiful life.

Do you have other interests outside your art that influence your creativity?
I am an outdoorsy kinda guy. I love backpacking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, camping and many other things outdoors. I find the physical deeply effects the mind and as we care for both they work together in a more complimentary style.

Pedal Johnny on SuperRare

What advice would you give to beginning artists?
Yes, don't be afraid to take risks in your creative style. Walk outside your comfort zone and you will be amazed at what can be made. Don't worry about mistakes or failure they are beautiful parts of the creative process and will help to shape and mold you.

What is your dream for your art career?
That I would somebody have connected with over a thousand different collectors who have my work. I think it would be amazing to have a thousand different people find my work that interesting. I am currently over 100 so I think it can happen.

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