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Cierra G. Rowe
Kentucky, United States

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Tell us about yourself.
I am a self taught painter, born and raised in rural Kentucky. My interest in art first developed when I was a young girl and then matured, with me, into adolescence. Due to harmful behaviors, I embraced painting and used it to help me make sense of what was happening and express how I felt.

Eventually art became somewhat of a cure-all for me: canvases gave me a clean slate and paint gave me control. There are so many reasons why I paint. I almost wouldn't know where to begin. My paintings reflect who I am, while forgiving me for my shortcomings. Painting allows me to focus on the beauty of the present and ageless spirit of nature.

What is your artistic style?
I do not know what my style is. I move my brush how I see fit. I have no aim in mind when I begin a painting, other than what I want to capture and do not have influences, despite constant comparisons. How I capture my subjects depend solely on what mood I am in, what colors I have available and lately, the weather.

If I were forced to place my artwork within a category I guess I would call it some form of expressionism or Impressionism? I don't know. You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge and vocabulary, as I did not attend art school.

Where or who does your inspiration come from?
Lately my inspiration seems to emanate from reflecting, my surroundings and my adoration of nature. There are many rustling fields here, dancing trees and boundless skies. I find beauty in simplicity with warm reflection of love and growth. My paintings help me to gain balance and find the bright side of things.

hide and seek moon

Describe your artistic approach or creative process.
For me, painting is similar to dancing. When you are alone in your house and a good song begins to play on the radio do you plan your movements? Do you over think how good the song sounds? Of course not, you move your body in the way that the music invites you to. Painting is my invitation and each time that I begin a new work I understand that this is a dance of pleasure. This is how I approach my art.

How did you start on your artistic journey?
I won't sugar coat things. As a child I endured sexual abuse and that laid the foundation for me becoming a very troubled person. As a preteen I developed bulimia nervosa and began self harming in elementary school. Bulimia stayed with me for a little over 6 years and self injuring was something that lasted a little longer than that. When I finished my first painting, I felt so happy. Painting made me feel like I was worth something. I had poor body image, which made it difficult for me to view myself in a positive light. Painting helped me to realize that I wasn't worthless and that I could express how I felt without hurting myself

Are you trying to communicate with your art?
I think that more often than not, when I paint, I'm having a conversation with myself. Within that conversation of brushstrokes or palette swishes, I communicate that there is beauty in the world to be captured. There is good to be acknowledged.

Should art have a 'point' or 'purpose'?
I think that art should be art. I cannot decide what art should or should not be. And I cannot seek its point because, unless I am within the artist's head, I will never find it. Most art pieces have their mystery. You can research and probe to your heart's content but more often than not, the answers to those mysteries of art will always hover just slightly out of your reach. Like watching a moon on a hill. It is in front of you, yet you cannot touch it.


What are you currently working on?
Currently I am working on a small collection of impasto tree paintings. Trees are the perfect metaphor for so many things.

What is your favorite piece?
I honestly don't know. Perhaps my painting 'The Adamantly Evil Tree' is.

the adamantly evil tree

Do you have other interests outside your art that influence your creativity?
Not really. I do, however, write poetry sometimes and there have been a few instances where I have written poems that have inspired paintings and vice versa.

What advice would you give to beginning artists?
If you are creating, you are doing something right. There is no right or wrong way to create. Be true to yourself. You are enough.

What is your dream for your art career?
My aspiration has always been to share my art. It would be amazing to find a larger audience for my paintings, as being a rural artist in the time of Covid has made this somewhat difficult.

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