Center for Global Art

v02 VX 2020

Anthony Carey
Dublin, Ireland
abstract, expressionism, painting

Peter James
Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom
macro photography, ambient music

Helen Bird
Austin, Texas, United States
drawing, inksanity, abstract

Lisa Dea
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
digital art, geometric

Carol Preston
Devon, England, United Kingdom
abstract mixed media

Rogan X
digital art, photo manipulation, generative

Vienna Forrester
East Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
abstract, fractal, mixed media, jewelry

Massimo Magee
London, England, United Kingdom
digital art, sound art, multimedia

Sue O'Sullivan
Chippenham, England, United Kingdom
abstract, painting, landscape

digital art, animation

Tonia Jillings
Norwich, England, United Kingdom
painting, stamp art, postage stamps

Diana de Avila
Sarasota, Florida, United States
digital art, animated art
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