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Diana de Avila
Sarasota, Florida, United States


My artistic gift is my recently discovered ability to create cosmic digital art rooted in fractal geometry, hovering at the intersection of technology and the natural world, where quantum physics, chaos theory, and divine order converge. Fueling my precise yet sprawling, other-worldly images is my chosen palette of multiple software programs, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

In 2017, a relapse of MS combined with the worsening of a traumatic brain injury I had suffered in a 1984 motorcycle accident led to Acquired Savant Syndrome and synesthesia. Suddenly my vision and cognition were drastically affected; and a part of my brain was essentially rewired, granting me artistic abilities I had never before possessed nor was ever interested in possessing. ​Full bio at

#digital #digitalart #fineart


fire and water

journey with morpheus


gob stopper doodle

rush and flow

struck by lightning



strange wonderful world

helter skelter

st patricks blessing

audrey hepburn

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