Center for Global Art

Cierra G. Rowe
Kentucky, United States

Artist Interview


I am a self taught painter, born and raised in rural Kentucky. My interest in art first developed when I was a young girl and then matured, with me, into adolescence. Due to harmful behaviors, I embraced painting and used it to help me make sense of what was happening and express how I felt.

Eventually art became somewhat of a cure-all for me: canvases gave me a clean slate and paint gave me control. There are so many reasons why I paint. I almost wouldn't know where to begin. My paintings reflect who I am, while forgiving me for my shortcomings. Painting allows me to focus on the beauty of the present and ageless spirit of nature

#painting #abstract #impasto


medusa tree | 2021

life fruit | 2020

stonehenge | 2020

womb for two | 2020

humiliation | 2019

visitor | 2018